C is for COLONIES! Sci-Fi Books A to Z #amreading #scifi #AtoZChallenge

bannerspaceAis for COLONIES

As we explore space, the possibility of establishing colonies on other planets is an alluring idea which has become the basis for many great science fiction books. Those colonies are like the wild-west, often far from home, on their own and struggling to make a new planet habitable. Continue reading 


B is for BEYOND! Sci-Fi Books A to Z #amreading #scifi #AtoZChallenge

bannerspaceAis for BEYOND

Exploring what lies beyond the realms of what is known about the planet, the solar system, the universe, science and our own humanity are core themes in science fiction. While science fiction has its basis in proven or plausible science, the imagination allows us to explore ideas that go beyond, touching the realm of dreams. What is truly neat about science fiction is that often what was fiction yesterday will be fact tomorrow. The ability to look beyond what is in front of us is what keeps us moving forward and reaching for that distant star. Continue reading 

A is for Adventure! Sci-Fi Books A to Z #amreading #scifi #AtoZChallenge


spaceAis for ADVENTURE

At the heart of many great science fiction books is a great, and some times epic, adventure. Though not all science fiction books focus on the actual adventure or have a fast-paced adventurous plot – the sense of adventure is almost always present. This can be presented by the hero’s quest, the drive for exploration, or the search for possibilities beyond the realms of our own scientific understandings.

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Book Review: Meridian – 4 Star Dystopic/Post-Apoc SciFi

Title: Meridian
Series: Key of Ascension
By: Terra Whiteman
Genre: Dystopic Post Apoc
SubGenre: Genetic powers
Rating: 4 Stars
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Meridian left me with some rather conflicted feelings. I certainly enjoyed the story, the well-done characters and great world-building. On the other hand, the whole time I was reading it, I felt like I had read or seen it all before. I think what this book had in great writing, it lacked in originality. That vague sense of deja’vu is what led to a four star rating instead of five. Continue reading →

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