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L is for Love Story! Sci-Fi Books A to Z #amreading #scifi #AtoZChallenge

bannerspaceAis for LOVE STORY

At the heart of many great science fiction books is the search for, discovery of, or fighting to preserve Love. Space Opera tends to be the genre of choice for epic space-themed love stories, with another category for Sci-Fi over in the Romance section now becoming filled with new writers and their stories. Love stories can just as easily be found in hard-science, military-based, time-travel and the whole gambit of science fiction sub-categories. The point is that science fiction, in essence, is a human story – and love is a vital part of our nature.

What happens when love is approached from a non-human perspective? How do aliens perceive this complex emotion? What about sentient artificial intelligence?
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K is for Kicking A..! Sci-Fi Books A to Z #amreading #scifi #AtoZChallenge

bannerspaceAis for KICKING ASS

What’s action, adventure, seeking justice and galactic empires without a little kicking ass? Kicking butt seems to go hand-in-hand with good science fiction. I love science fiction that makes you think and ask questions about the universe around you, but I’m all for seeing two warring factions fighting it out, too. Fighting in science fiction can be interesting because there could be new technology, psi-powers or unique alien physical qualities involved. In Removed, the future setting uses not futuristic photon rifles or laz0r-guns (pew-pew), but Japanese martial arts and swords. It made for a very interesting read, and the female protag certainly gets to kick some ass!
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J is for Justice! Sci-Fi Books A to Z #amreading #scifi #AtoZChallenge

bannerspaceAis for JUSTICE

The search for justice is a common theme in the hero’s journey and science fiction. The idea of justice, however, can be a slippery slope. There can be vigilantes who dispense their own brand of justice clashing with law-makers who give authority to their own beliefs on what is or is not right. Often times, the law doesn’t go far enough while the vigilantes go too far. In Caught In Amber, Sasha is used by the law while she tries to remain reformed from years of drug abuse and physical abuse from the man the law wants her help to take down. Nathan, the agent assigned to oversee her involvement, finds himself teetering between doing what is necessary to take a violent criminal down and doing what is best for Sasha.
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I is for Invention! Sci-Fi Books A to Z #amreading #scifi #AtoZChallenge

bannerspaceAis for Invention

Invention goes hand-in-hand with Science Fiction. Hyperdrives, warpdrives, teleportation, artificial intelligence, great war machines and space ships – inventions that are limited only by the imagination and plausible science. In Semmant, a man’s invention threatens the world when the artificial intelligence he created to play the stock market gains sentience. Often, inventions with untended consequences are the makings for great science fiction.Continue reading 

H is for Hero! Sci-Fi Books A to Z #amreading #scifi #AtoZChallenge

bannerspaceAis for HERO

Or… Anti-Hero. Not all heroes want to be the hero, or will jump into the fight without ulterior motives. Most science fiction books with have either a Hero(ine) who will go on the hero’s quest, or there will be the reluctant anti-hero who will fight the good fight, but will do so on their terms and for their own, often self-serving, reasons. The (anti)hero’s character can make or break a good science fiction story.
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G is for Galactic Empire! Sci-Fi Books A to Z #amreading #scifi #AtoZChallenge

bannerspaceAis for GALACTIC EMPIRE

For most of us, Galactic Empire brings to mind Darth Vader and the Empire from Star Wars. Galactic empires are the heart of most science fiction that is classified as Space Opera. Space Opera plots and world building often involve long histories of imperial forces engaging in battle with other empires, rebels or invading aliens.
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F is for Frontiers! Sci-Fi Books A to Z #amreading #scifi #AtoZChallenge

bannerspaceAis for FRONTIERS

Space, for many, is seen as a vast untamed frontier, waiting to be explored and settled. These frontier settlements can be imagined as being space versions of the wild wild west, complete with people trying to work the land, others trying to take the land from them, native populations fighting against the incursion and an outlaw / vigilante sense of justice.Continue reading