Review: Reunited (scifi romance)


Series: Nogiku (Book 3)
By: S.J. Pajonas
Sub-Genres: Romance / Colonization


Rating: I loved it  (?)


Reunited is the third book in the Nogiku series, and is not a stand-alone. It must be read in order, but the journey to get to this book is well worth it. I’ve previously reviewed Book 1: Removed (5 stars) and Book 2: Released (4 stars). While book 2 left me a little wanting in terms of story and pacing, book 3 grabbed me from page one and renewed my adoration for the series that was formed by book 1. Although categorized as a New Adult Romance science fiction, I found book 3 to be mature enough to fit into the Adult category, and it lacked the angst-drama typically associated with New Adult. Also, the romance is great, but it isn’t so overwhelming that general science fiction readers would be turned off by it.

So, all that intro out of the way, on with the review!

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