Book Review: In The Devils Nebula (Scifi Romance)


In The Devil’s Nebula
Series: Phoenix Adventures (Book 2)
By: Anna Hackett
Sub-Genres: Adventure / Romance / Treasure Hunter


Rating: OMG MORE PLEASE  (?)


I’ve read one book previously by Anna Hackett – The Time Thief, and I remember enjoying it. I haven’t read the first book in The Phoenix Adventures series, but after reading In The Devil’s Nebula, I’ll be back-tracking and reading it (At Star’s End) while I impatiently wait for book 3 to be published. It was that good. I loved it.

Although I do recommend reading book series in order, I didn’t find myself lost or confused by starting with book 2. In The Devil’s Nebula is a wonderfully written space adventure full of treasure hunts, history, excellent world building, fun characters, assassin fighters and intriguing mystery. Oh, and there’s also a great romance! These are all the things I love to read in Science Fiction Romance, and that’s why it’s earned the OHMYGAWDMOAR rating.

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