Unique aliens and the bird-like Kilari – SFR Brigade Showcase #scifirom


Welcome to the Science Fiction Romance Brigade Showcase for October, 2014! The Showcase is a chance for SFR Brigade members to share their own Sci-fi Romance books, WIPs and new releases. For more posts, visit the SFR Brigade Blog.

Side-Story-Og400I think October is the perfect month to talk about aliens that are more than just ‘humans in space’. I try to incorporate unique traits into several species that inhabit the Corwint universe. Hedarions, for example, have eyes that are completely black and heights that never go beyond four-foot-four. Orellians, like Ogrridannes on the cover to the left, have overly-muscualr bodies, orange, scaled skin and are completely hairless, except the females who have a mohawk crest that raises and flattens with their mood, and a braid down their back.

Kilarians have traits related to birds, not only in their physical makeup, but also in their vocal and body language. While Hedarions and Orellians have had a prominent role in my series so far, little has been revealed about Kilarians. In the next few books in the series, more will be revealed about the isolationist Kilari.

Here is a snippet from a future Corwint series book, which will feature a Kilarian main character.

The lower engine compartment hummed with a reverberating pulse, like a steady heartbeat. A tubular hydrofusion core drummed on in an unceasing rhythm, providing a constant electrical current throughout the Blue Yonder’s systems. The core’s soft, blue glow caressed every surface, reflecting against the metal casing and amplifying the ethereal haze, enveloping the compartment’s cramped space. For many, their first glimpse at the engine powering the Blue Yonder through the interstellar causeways was a gaze into the sacred gates of an engineering temple where the constructs of man mingled with dreams of the imagination in an attempt to reach the furthest visible star and touch the face of God.

“Damn you! You infernal, stubborn, glitchy-ass piece of geffarion shit!” The cursing tirade was highlighted by the metallic clanking echo of Kalau’kalis Oosori’s telescopic spanner as it flew across the six foot wide compartment to hit against the opposite wall and then fall through the flooring grate at a most inconvenient angle. “Oh, wonderful!” Continue reading


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