Gamebreak: J.U.L.I.A. Among The Stars, a sci-fi adventure #VideoGame review

October 9, 2014,


Today, I’m taking a quick look at a game recently released by CBE Software through Steam’s Greenlight program. J.U.L.I.A. Among The Stars is a point-click adventure / found objects and puzzle game with a science fiction exploration theme. It was released Sept. 27th for $19.99.

I love puzzle adventure / exploration type games, and for $20 with a sci-fi theme, I figured I could give it a try. I usually don’t buy new releases on Steam, because sooner or later they tend to go on sale. I also don’t like being a ‘first wave’ gamer – forking out 60$ only to find out the game totally sucks ass *coughDestinycough*. I’ve been burned too many times before. But, I decided to give JULIA the benefit of the doubt due to its early review metascore.

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