SFRG Teaser Tuesdays: Looking for love during an apocalypse can be dangerous


Welcome to Teaser Tuesday! Brought to you by the Scifi Romance Group on Facebook.

Looking for love during an apocalypse can be dangerous….

This week, I’m giving a peek at a 99cent, M/M romance novella with a post-apocalyptic theme, now available for pre-order.

In True North, Joshua has had enough of people. Especially those desperate, starving bastards who he’s certain ate his dog. When people decide to leave the university town of Lincoln, Nebraska and head south before winter sets in, Joshua heads north instead. When he lands face-first in a snowbank, he welcomes death. What he finds instead is the handsome smile of Chris, a lone goat farmer who’s trying to make the best of life without power.


For the second time in a row, I awake from a dreamless sleep to something cold prodding my cheek. A memory of goats and a shotgun has me popping open my eyelids and flinching away. Two brown eyes, a cold black nose and horrible breath greet me.

“Oh, fuck,” I groggily blink at the dog. “Trying to give me a heart attack?”

“Jenny!” Chris calls from the kitchen. “You leave that boy alone.” Continue reading


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