Preconceptions – Excerpt from a sci-fi geek romance #amreading #nerdgasm #romance

Preconceptions is a sweet, geeky romance with online gaming and science fiction fandom themes intertwined within the meeting of two people on a blind date. This blind date is as blind as it gets – with all the lights off in a pitch-black room where they have to hunt for their dinner and hunt for clues about their assigned date.

The book asks you, the reader, to test your own preconceptions and assumptions as you learn clues about the two main characters. When the lights come on, how will your preconceptions hold up?

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preconceptions-bookIt’s Dee’s thirtieth birthday, and her two best friends have quite the surprise in store for her. She’s been kidnapped via taxi, blindfolded and shoved into a strange room with a strange man who has the idea that this is all a planned blind date.

Another blind-date hadn’t been in Chris’ plans, but when the The Dark Room club’s owner called him up and said he finally had the perfect match, Chris decided one more try couldn’t hurt. When his date arrives in the pitch-black room confused and completely unaware it’s a date, Chris has to wonder if he’s in for yet another disappointing night.


The silence that followed had Dee squirming. “Uhm, so… What’s on the menu? And if you say ‘you‘, I’ll slap you. Or, I’ll at least wave my hand in your general direction.”

That had him chuckling again. So close, it vibrated through her. She crossed her ankles as her squirming intensified.

“Are you always this funny?” he asked, a note of amused shock on his voice.

“Surprised to get set up with a comedian?” She was on a roll, so… “No. I’m typically rather boring. Voted most likely to become a librarian three years running.”

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God, what was wrong with her? Her mouth just wouldn’t shut up! She wasn’t usually this talkative.

“Are you?”

Her head tilted. “Am I what?”

He laughed. “A librarian.”