Interview with the Authors of Nebula Nights

These are all awesome answers to a nifty question – the writers from Nebula Nights give their ideas for the future of dating / relationships

AmyBeth Inverness

NN coverNebula Nights is a collection of eleven novel-length Sci-Fi Romances that’ll sweep you away! Science fiction blazing with adventure, space opera spiced with romance, and otherworldly love!

All Romance eBooks:

I asked all the authors the same question:

Might future human cultures revive any ‘old fashioned’ customs in the area of courtship and romance?

NN melisseMelisse Aires

Her Cyborg Awakes:Diaspora Worlds Book One

Her gentle cyborg servant helped her escape violence–but now he’s changed into a warrior! Is he safe?

My thoughts on this are for a future with planet colonies– since I write space opera! I think we will see like-minded colonists setting up intentional communities. I can imagine colonists  on all points of the marriage spectrum starting communities that reflect a variety of views, from traditional marriages we would recognize, to no marriage, group marriages and perhaps marriages where one gender or…

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