Interview with Author C.E. Kilgore

I’ve been interviewed by Jamie Lake about by romance and space opera series!



C.E. Kilgore is best known for her novels All These Pieces of Me and Ghost in the Machine. Her ability to write in many genres helps her to stand out. No matter what she writes next, it will keep her readers excited for more!

What made you interested in writing m/m fiction?

I’m interested in writing and reading about the human condition – all aspects, including all forms of relationships and love. I enjoy reading and writing various types of relationships, including those m/m in nature. M/M, in particular, is interesting because there is a complex dynamic, and often certain roadblocks to overcome, including self-acceptance and cultural taboos.

How did you begin your career as a writer? How did you grow your fan base to be so humongous?

I’ve been writing for a long time, starting first as simply a creative outlet. I even wrote fanfiction for a time…

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Interview with the Authors of Nebula Nights

These are all awesome answers to a nifty question – the writers from Nebula Nights give their ideas for the future of dating / relationships

AmyBeth Inverness

NN coverNebula Nights is a collection of eleven novel-length Sci-Fi Romances that’ll sweep you away! Science fiction blazing with adventure, space opera spiced with romance, and otherworldly love!

All Romance eBooks:

I asked all the authors the same question:

Might future human cultures revive any ‘old fashioned’ customs in the area of courtship and romance?

NN melisseMelisse Aires

Her Cyborg Awakes:Diaspora Worlds Book One

Her gentle cyborg servant helped her escape violence–but now he’s changed into a warrior! Is he safe?

My thoughts on this are for a future with planet colonies– since I write space opera! I think we will see like-minded colonists setting up intentional communities. I can imagine colonists  on all points of the marriage spectrum starting communities that reflect a variety of views, from traditional marriages we would recognize, to no marriage, group marriages and perhaps marriages where one gender or…

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The Giver and a Love-Hate Relationship With Hollywood Book Adaptations #amreading #scifi

In case you’ve been under a rock lately, Hollywood’s latest sci-fi book to film adaptation is going to be Lois Lowery’s The Giver.


The Giver was one of the first science-fiction / dystopic reads I can remember. It was a grade-school assignment and was actually controversial at the time due to some of the themes the book discusses. I was immediately hooked on the genre, and went from The Giver to Brave New World, Anthem, 1984, and Fahrenheit 911. It started me on the science fiction journey that has become my career. So, when I found out Hollywood was taking The Giver and turning it into a book, I was both elated and very much afraid.

I am elated because I know how many new readers picked up Harry Potter, Cloud Atlas, Princess Bride and Ender’s Game after they were turned into movies. I am all for using mass media to spark and encourage the love of reading. I am afraid because Hollywood has a habit of sensationalizing movies, dumbing down the message and amping up the hype to fill theater seats.

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Under These Same Stars – short flash fiction collection WIP #amwriting #scifi

For the past month, my writing time has been devoted to working on my contemporary romance series, The Stables. This has left the Science Fiction side of my brain restless. It has decided to start a little flash fiction project over on Wattpad.


Under These Same Stars is a short/flash fiction story collection based around different experiences during what could be the last night before Earth is destroyed. I don’t have an update schedule for it, but I am going to try and add at least one new chapter per week. Each chapter is from a different perspective, but they will all work together to tell a complete story (at least that’s the plan in my head.)

Check out the story on Wattpad here :) If you feel up to it, click the Favorite/Vote button on the story and leave me a comment to say what you think of the idea.