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When I finished Book 4 in the Corwint Central Agent Files series, Breathe Into Existence, I felt a bit lost. It was a huge goal I began working towards two years ago – that book and bringing Orynn and Ethan back together. While I have plans to continue the series following the agents on their adventures, I needed to step back and refocus.

If-You-Still SMALLAfter taking a few days off from writing, I’m back to working on a few different projects. The main book I’m working on right now isn’t science fiction; it’s a contemporary romance and is part of my Stables series. Switching gears from my space opera and sci-fi to contemporary romance is a bit of a challenge, but I committed to getting book 3 in The Stables done by end of June.

When my mind craves sci-fi, I’ve been working on three projects:

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Interview with Author: C.E. Kilgore

I’ve been interviewed over on EverydayFanGirl!

Today, I have the privilege of interviewing the author of the Corwint Central Agent Files Series, C.E. Kilgore!


1) What does the title, Ghost In the Machine, signify?

It actually has a double meaning. Isaac Asimov proposed that as A.I. develops, it will one day hold the potential to have sentience, secrets and dreams. These were the ghosts within the machine – the early hints within the lines of programmed code that gave whispers to a hidden future intelligence and the potential to evolve beyond what was initially created.
My story is centered around a Mechatronic Automaton (an android), named Ethan, with highly developed sentience, but who struggles with concepts like love, dreams and going beyond his protocols. When Ethan meets Orynn, she becomes the ghost within the machine, both literally and figuratively. Her kind are ghosts of existence, living outside of it with rules not to interfere…

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