K is for Kicking A..! Sci-Fi Books A to Z #amreading #scifi #AtoZChallenge

bannerspaceAis for KICKING ASS

What’s action, adventure, seeking justice and galactic empires without a little kicking ass? Kicking butt seems to go hand-in-hand with good science fiction. I love science fiction that makes you think and ask questions about the universe around you, but I’m all for seeing two warring factions fighting it out, too. Fighting in science fiction can be interesting because there could be new technology, psi-powers or unique alien physical qualities involved. In Removed, the future setting uses not futuristic photon rifles or laz0r-guns (pew-pew), but Japanese martial arts and swords. It made for a very interesting read, and the female protag certainly gets to kick some ass!
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