J is for Justice! Sci-Fi Books A to Z #amreading #scifi #AtoZChallenge

bannerspaceAis for JUSTICE

The search for justice is a common theme in the hero’s journey and science fiction. The idea of justice, however, can be a slippery slope. There can be vigilantes who dispense their own brand of justice clashing with law-makers who give authority to their own beliefs on what is or is not right. Often times, the law doesn’t go far enough while the vigilantes go too far. In Caught In Amber, Sasha is used by the law while she tries to remain reformed from years of drug abuse and physical abuse from the man the law wants her help to take down. Nathan, the agent assigned to oversee her involvement, finds himself teetering between doing what is necessary to take a violent criminal down and doing what is best for Sasha.
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